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Gazi University, Turkey
Title: Quality control and regulatory issues of phytomedicines for global health care

Bilge Sener graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Pharmacy in 1974. She has completed her PhD awarded by the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council (TUBITAK) at the Department of Pharmacognosy in 1977. In 1981, she became an Associate Professor. She was involved within the process of establishing Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Gazi University in 1982. She became a Full Professor in 1988. She achieved some researches at the Department of Chemistry, The Pennsylvania State University (USA) between 1986 and 1988 as Visiting Scientist awarded by National Science Foundation. She was also involved in several administrative works at Gazi University; as Director at the Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Gazi University between 1982 and 2002, as Chair at Division of the Professional Sciences of Pharmacy, as Co-Director at the Institute of Health Sciences (1988-1994) and as Dean at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Gazi University (1994-1997). She was given the degree of Adjunct Professor by University of Karachi, Pakistan. She worked as Director in 48 projects supported by NATO, NSF, IUPAC, Soctrates-Grundtvig, TUBITAK and Universirty Research Funds by now. She has authored or co-authored 7 books, 85 chapters and 658 research articles published in leading international journals. She has also given 68 conferences and 313 plenary and invited lectures at the international symposia in the field of natural product chemistry. She has supervised 5 PhD, 12 MSc at Gazi University as well as co-supervised 17 PhD thesis at the University of Karachi. She is a member for 14 international and national professional societies.


Herbal medicinal products have been playing an important role in the primary health care of the people around the world, specially in the developing countries. In order to treat health problems with the modern medicines, the production of safe and effective herbal medicinal products in a standardized way is essential. Assessment of the quality, safety and efficacy of herbal medicinal products are an important issue. Standardization of raw materials, intermediates and final product of herbal medicines are the main issue for the quality control of herbal medicinal products. All of the supporting evidence behind the use of phytomedicines has been on use of standardized extracts of the plant material to ensure reproducibility in the clinical setting. With the growing interest for alternative approaches in treating diseases, herbal medicinal products have also an important role for the development of new therapeutic agents. For this issue, researches should focus on: 1. characterization of phytomedicines in terms of chemical composition and biofunctional activity. 2. studying the effects of certain processing and extraction methods and parameters on the chemical characteristics of phytomedicines source materials. 3. development of chemo-based and bio-based standardization methods for phytomedicines. Herbal medicinal products named as “Phytomedicines” exhibit a variety of biological activities on human health. These range from the control of regulatory processes by Health Authorities is essential for human life. Therefore, herbal medicinal products are also subject to the same legislative controls as other medicines. The overview of the herbal medicinal products worldwide along with current registration guidelines and criteria for the control and market situation of herbal medicinal products in Turkey will be highlighted

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