Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical chemistry involves in the maturing and analysis of therapeutic compounds. Since drug discovery is the core of pharmaceutical chemistry it in-cooperates drug design, drug synthesis, and the productiveness of the drug being produced. These include diagnostics, prescription drugs, vaccines, vitamins, and over-the-counter drugs for human and veterinary applications. This sub-sector also includes biotechnology products. Strategic investment in companies, facilities, and research and development is especially important for this sub-sector. Chemists are able to discover & design new drugs with amplified potency with very less side effects. The process of drug discovery involves focusing a medical condition that is affecting a huge population by understanding the biological mechanism responsible for that condition & developing it by testing the drug on human subjects. Therapeutic areas present attention is on Anti ulcer drugs and cholesterol- reducing agents. Alternatively, drugs that boost the body's own defense mechanism and which blocks the progress of the disease may be appropriate. It is estimated in 2016, that the expected global prescription drug market is supposed to rise to US $810 billion in 2017. 
  • Drug discovery
  • Biotechnology
  • Reducing agents
  • Therapeutic compounds
  • Diagnostics

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