Material Science

The subject that covers a broad range of science, deals with elemental research on the chemicalproperties of materials to developing new materials and reshaping formulations of prevailing materials to ensemble new applications. Chemistry provides information about the structure and composition of materials making it play a predominant role in Material Science. Relating the micro structure of a material to its macro molecular physical and chemical properties is the central theory material science revolves around. The important areas that material science is employed are Biomedical industries, Nano Technology, Polymer industry, superconducting materials, graphite materials, integrated-circuit chips, fuel cells, Textile industry, metallic, ceramic and rubber industries. Chemistry & Material Science will be at the beginning of the revolution with the invention of new kinds of nano structures as it will be a crucial discovery of the new phenomena.
  • Aviation & Shipping Industries
  • Biomedical industry
  • Polymer industry
  • Superconducting materials
  • Graphite materials
  • Textile industry
  • Rubber industry
  • Fuel Cells
  • Intermolecular Forces
  • Nano Technology

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