Synthetic Chemistry

A study showing the connection between structure and re-activity of organic molecules is called Synthetic Chemistry. A variety of applications in pharmaceuticals, energy utilization and storage, materials, detection and insights into biological systems are created by chemists who are trained in synthetics. Synthesis helps in efficient mass production of compounds that are inevitable for our livelihood & that were previously thought unimaginable to produce. Synthetic chemistry spans from, the preparation of natural products, the tethering of bio molecules together to the creation of metal complexes in new environments. The study of organic molecules & their structures provides theoretical knowledge that shows how Synthetic Chemistry influences each mechanism and the rate of organic reactions. Research fields in Synthetic chemistry merges the fields of coordination chemistrymaterial chemistry & organic chemistry to create novel molecules and platforms for a variety of applications ranging from sensors for invivo imaging to dyes for solar cells.
  • ¬†Pharmaceuticals
  • ¬†Bio molecules¬†
  • Organic molecules
  • Material chemistry
  • Organic chemistry

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