Chemical education and chemical science

There is a constant need to update the skills of teachers engaged in teaching chemistry, so chemistry education speaks to this need. There are at least four different philosophical perspectives that describe how the work in chemistry education is carried out. The first is what one might call a practitioner’s perspective, wherein the individuals who are responsible for teaching chemistry (teachers, instructors, professors) are the ones who ultimately define chemistry education by their actions. Chemistry education or chemical education is the study of the teaching and learning of chemistry in all schools, colleges and universities. Topics in chemistry education might include understanding how students learn chemistry, how best to teach chemistry, and how to improve learning outcomes by changing teaching methods and appropriate training of chemistry instructors, within many modes, including classroom lecture, demonstrations, laboratory activities and it also includes Research, reviews of research, in chemistry education Evaluations of effective innovative practice in the teaching of chemistry and In-depth analyses of issues of direct relevance to chemistry education.

  • Glancing Back and Looking Ahead: Chemistry History, Culture & Outreach
  • Guided-inquiry learning in Chemistry
  • Instrumental Analysis in Chemistry Education
  • Student Presentations in Chemistry Education & Outreach
  • Chemistry Education Research
  • Market analysis of chemistry
  • Guidelines in Chemical education

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